Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zahns department store Racine Wi. update

Hello John,

I came across your Zahn's Department Store page while searching on the web. I am the great great grandson of Edward Zahn, who founded the store. I grew up in Racine (but now live in California).

Thank you so much for your page. That store meant a lot to many people. Unfortunately it closed when I was 11 years old, so I never really appreciated it like older people did.

I'm curious, where were you able to find all those photos? Many of those I have never seen before, and my family has many old photos. The Zahn's Food Shop photo was very interesting; I'd not seen that before.

If you'd like to see more photos, I have some other ones posted at my Flickr page:

Thanks again,
Ted Zahn

Thank You Mr.Zahn your email means a lot to me . i also thought that i wood add a few Zahns things that i had saved through the years.

Westfair Mall West Bend Wi.

I don't really know any thing about this mall.What I do know is it had Shopko on one end and Prescotts Food Store on the other it also was vary small with only 12 to 15 stores in it. The mall closed when Shopko moved to a larger store across the street. today the mall is a Pic n Save food store.

Thursday, August 7, 2008