Monday, June 23, 2008


I grew up in Racine , when i was a kid we had to go to Milwaukee or Ill. ti shop. then in 1981 the mall as locals call it opened I was in high school and Finley had a mall. i will do a sort of time line of this mall to give you a idea how things went the mall is still alive and Farlay well today though there has been a lot of changes and one anchor spot has had seven different signs on it through the years this is the story.
1. talk of mall first happened in 1970
2. Boston Store signs on as anchor
3. Economy tanks no mall for now
4. Mall is put back on table in late 70's
5. Ground broke in 1979
6. Mall to be named Racine Mall.
7. Surrounding towns object to name developer changes name to Regency Mall
8. Regency opens Aug 5 th 1981 with most inline stores plus Boston Store Bergner-Wise and Target
9. J.C.penney openes in sept. 1981 replacing downtown and Elmwood Plaza store in Racine as well as downtown Kenosha store
10. Sears opens in 1982
11. Bergner drops Wise name
12. P.A.Bergner co. buys Boston Store in 1985 sells Bergners to H.C.Prange Co.
13. 1992. Pranges is sold to Younkers - Boston Store is now part of carson pire scott
14. carsons buys Younkers and converts Younkers store to a Boston Store for Home
15. CLB buys regency Boston Store for home is closed
16 Talbets and Jos. A Bank open with outside doors a first for mall
17. Steve and Barrys opens in old bergner building mall remodled
18. space is created for new Linens and things store
19. Steve and Barrys moves to smaller spot in mall and repens spring 2008
20. Burlington Coat Factory will open in fall 2008 in ols Steve and Berrys space will use whole building
21. Linens and Things files bankruptcy and will close Regency store
this is
a quick history of the Mall as i remember it. hope that linens gets new filled fast will keep you all posted.