Thursday, December 25, 2008

its the holiday 2008

Hello one and all. It has been a season that has almost killed me this year. The Wal-Mart that i work in is one hard store.So what im trying to say is that ,i did not get a chance to much of anything other than work theses last few monthts.i did get to do the anual trip downtown chicago to see the stores this year so for the holiday this year i will show you the sights of macys state st.
happy hollidays everyone
from storesforever

Monday, October 6, 2008

Old Randhurst Mall Mt. Prospect Il.

Know that Randhurst is closed ,I thought that i should post the photos,from my first visit there. I also am posting the anchor stores as they changed trough the years.Hope you enjoy them.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Randhurst mall Mt.Prospect Il. RIP Sep.30th 2008

The Randhurst mall will close for good on Sep.30 th , many things have already been written about its past and can be seen on and so i don't want to do a repeat of that but take a more personal look at the mall and what it meant to me and how it fit into my life.The first time i ever herd of Randhurst was when i was in high school. I was doing a paper on urban planing for one of my classes and while going through old books in the library i found a book that talked about Randhurst. it said that Randhurst was one of the most innovative mall to date.It also said it had been the largest built at the time of its opening in 1962. I talked my parents into taking me there so in the spring of 1982 i wood walk though the doors for the first time. with my camera in hand ( i will post those photos soon ) . Through the years since, I wood come and go through there doors many many times. I saw Weibolds close and Bergners open. Wood see Mainstreet come and then become Kohls. Wood see Carsons move to Bergners building and then JCPennys open only to close latter. Spiess wood come and go . Oh what a fantastic store that was just to high end for Randhurst. Then Wards wood go that store was first the Fair Store . Kohls wood move down the street leaving only Carsons in the mall. Wards and kohls and jcpennys stores wood come down and be replaced by Cosco . with only one big problem no mall entrance and not a mall door near the new store . All i have to say is why did that do that?I wood move to Ill. In my 20s i wood move to Chicago and wood work at Randhurst as the assistant manager of the Bombay co. store there, I wood spend many years working There before becoming manager at the Spring hill store. So I want to not only say good buy to Randhurst but to the many people that I met their though the years , Nancy, George, Carson, Anita, Jay, Larry and all the people i worked with . Also a thanks to all the food court workers, mall security and most of all the customers who shopped us and keep ed us there fore as long as they could. Thank you to all and best wishes to the new randhurst village coming spring 2010 you know i will be there with my camera in hand on opening day