Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zahns department store Racine Wi. update

Hello John,

I came across your Zahn's Department Store page while searching on the web. I am the great great grandson of Edward Zahn, who founded the store. I grew up in Racine (but now live in California).

Thank you so much for your page. That store meant a lot to many people. Unfortunately it closed when I was 11 years old, so I never really appreciated it like older people did.

I'm curious, where were you able to find all those photos? Many of those I have never seen before, and my family has many old photos. The Zahn's Food Shop photo was very interesting; I'd not seen that before.

If you'd like to see more photos, I have some other ones posted at my Flickr page:

Thanks again,
Ted Zahn

Thank You Mr.Zahn your email means a lot to me . i also thought that i wood add a few Zahns things that i had saved through the years.


TypographyShop said...

Thanks for this. My Mother worked at Zahn's in the 70's until its closing. Betty King was her name. Any other Zahn's alumni out there?

John said...

Well, I'll be... I am vacationing in Racine this month so I thought I'd google my old employer (Zahn's) and came up with this site. I worked for Chandler from 78 to about 80 when things started getting bad. Of course I knew Betty and Wally King!! They were dear friends of mine. So were Renate, Silva, Jane Graf, Mary Stublaski, Gary Geisler, Janet, Tom,.. and too TOO many dear people I can't remember any longer...

It was an exciting time back then because it was at the beginning of my career, and we were working together to make something new there...

A lot has happened to me in the past 30 years.. I just retired from working for the US Navy for 28 years and after Racine, lived in iceland, Florida, Guam and 17 years in San Diego. I retired and now live just south of Tucson. Along with my closest friend, Barbara, we have decided to spend summers back here in Racine starting this year, 2009. it's great to be back here after 30 years and to try to reconnect with some folks.. I normally don't post an open email in a web page but for this I will in case there are any other alumni out there..

If Betty, Wally or any of the rest are around, give them my best.

John Roinick

GG said...

Many great people worked there.
Gary Geisler